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Miss You Most Of All Elizabeth  Bass

Miss You Most Of All

Elizabeth Bass

Published May 1st 2010
ISBN : 9780758258809
432 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A cute family related chick lit novel that moved a little slowly at times. I loved the relationship that grew between Rue and Heidi but the way Laura acted got boring and silly. She was a grown woman who had all these stupid resentments about people in general especially her ex- stepsister, Heidi, who returned to Sassy Spinster Farm to flee from some mobster type ex-boyfriend. Laura was extremely rude and mean to her throughout the book and it got old very quick. The backstory of Heidi was also confusing and strange. It felt like the author needed a reason for Heidi to come back to the farm and just wrote the first thing that came to mind and didnt put much thought into it. I did like the movie nights they had because during those times the characters were drawn out better.The book has romance, hijinks, family, and deep down, a whole lotta love. I will probably take a look at her other books to see what they have to offer. 3 stars.